A story for the Turtles…

There once was a Scorpion sitting on a little rock in a little pond, when suddenly, it started to rain. The water kept rising and rising until it became obvious that he would drown if he didn’t get to dry land soon. Then came a turtle, soft and kind, swimming along past the Scorpion. So like any other Scorpion he developed a plan, and asked the Turtle for a ride to shore, and the Turtle logically refused. When asked why, the Turtle responded with a question. “If I take you to dry land,” he said, “how do I know you won”t sting me?” The Scorpion sweetly responded, ” Why would I sting my only hope after you helping me?” The Turtle then agreed and the Scorpion jumped on the Turtles back. After reaching dry land, the Scorpion did the unthinkable, he stung the Turtle. As he lay dying he asked the Scorpion why, the Scorpion simply said, “Because, I’m a Scorpion.”


The point of the story is that there are two types a people in this word, the turtles and the scorpions. No matter how convincing and promising a scorpion may seem, they will always turn around and sting us turtles after getting what they want.


Don’t trust a Scorpion unless you’re prepared to get stung.


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